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Discover Eloquentize Laravel Dashboard Widgets

Modified on Apr 15, 2024

Unlock the full potential of your Laravel dashboard with Eloquentize’s customizable widgets. Effortlessly track, compare, and visualize your key metrics in one place for insightful data analysis.

Optimize Your Laravel Dashboard with Custom Widgets

Once your data is regularly integrated into Eloquentize, the next step is its analysis. To design the perfect Laravel dashboard, you have a range of widgets at your disposal:

Eloquentize currently offers four types of widgets to enhance your data:

1) Curve Graph Widget

Visualize the evolution of different metrics over time with this graphical widget.


2) Daily Aggregator

This widget allows you to easily compare the value of a metric today with its value from yesterday.


3) Multi-Metric Aggregation Widget

View different metrics and their variations over 8 days with this aggregation widget.


4) Daily Overview Widget

A GitHub-inspired widget to check the presence of daily data at a glance.


By incorporating these widgets into your dashboard, you can efficiently monitor the key indicators of your Laravel applications at a glance.

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